My work is an investigation of surface through acts of unification and destruction. Fabric becomes a building material, united layer by layer through stitch and cut to reveal the hidden realm below. Deconstruction fuels my search to find an essentialness - what is underneath it all? Through pattern, symmetry and minimalism, I attempt to create a sense of order and stability while honoring the process of discovery and the power of transformation, not only of materials, but of myself in the act of creating. The resulting works are meditations on ideas of vulnerability, creation and destruction, revelation and transformation.

I am inspired by very traditional textile techniques from a myriad of cultures and historical eras. Color is derived from natural sources when possible, establishing a continuum with history as well as a softness of tone. I forage locally to harvest color or use recipes that have been used for centuries, such as natural indigo. The techniques I am exploring: quilting, chenille, patchwork, pulled thread and cut work, are distinctly connected to the feminine world and serve as a meditative vehicle to approach the spiritual within myself as well as the viewer.
— Kristina Nobleman
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